What is Love?

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I’ve always thought of February as the month for love. Valentine’s Day is in the middle of the month and I was married on the 26th, many years ago. I’ve talked before about my own marriage and you can read my love story in another part of this website. Recently Dear Abby answered a letter from a heartbroken reader who was trying to get over a failed romance. Abby had a good definition of what real love is and I’ll paraphrase it here. She said someone who loves you makes you feel strong instead of dependent. He or she appreciates you for the person you are and isn’t threatened by your successes. He or she supports you when you do well, celebrates your triumphs and hugs you after your tragedies. Sound familiar? I hope so. I know when I was struck by Cupid’s arrow, I was more interested in chemistry than those important things. Luckily, I was supported in every way. No one was more thrilled than my husband when I sold my first book. I was a young, immature girl when I met and married him. He helped me grow and change, encouraged me in every way. And the chemistry was good too.

It’s funny. I write romance because I love to read about that first meeting, the way two people connect and find the one person who makes them stronger, feel loved and cherished. I read those books long before I met a man who could do that for me. I was looking for a fantasy man. The reality was much different. There were money issues, the details of daily life that dragged at us. Men raised in the era John was didn’t understand shared chores in the home. I had to battle for every emptied dishwasher or trash run. Argh. Chemistry can only take you so far. Know what I mean? But if there’s more, the respect, the encouragement that Dear Abby was talking about, then you work through the daily grind and come out the other side. Raising children and living through lay-offs may make bedtime lose its magic for a while. But a hug at the right time, an empty dishwasher just when you needed it, can go a long way to helping you remember why you fell in love in the first place.

I write about vampires. Weird paranormal creatures. But the emotions are all human. Glory has been looking for true love ever since she found herself a widow in 1604. Yes, she has Jerry. But she doesn’t trust that bond. He’s too controlling, too protective. And she’s too insecure to believe that he won’t eventually tire of her. Yes, that’s crazy on her part. But insecurity isn’t always rational. So what if he’s stuck around for four hundred years. He could finally walk away. So she keeps looking around. Thinking maybe she should have other options. Wrong? Probably. I don’t know if you’re Team Jerry, Team Rafe or Team Ray. But I’ve always been Team Glory. She has to realize that she needs to relax and just see what happens if she believes in herself. There’s a lot to be said for loyalty. And chemistry. Glory needs to decide where she finds both.

So how did you meet your love? Or are you still looking? Comment here for a chance to win an autographed copy of my March 5 release, Real Vampires Know Hips Happen, and a $25 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. I’ll pick a lucky winner on that release day, March 5. Good luck! And I can’t wait to read your stories.

Why I Love Animals

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I post pictures of my dog Jet just about every Saturday. But let me tell you how Jet came into my life. My late husband was captain of a flyball team. Our aging Bedlington Terrier was going blind and John knew her days as a champion flyball dog were numbered. So he went in search of a replacement. Now flyball is nothing more than relay races for dogs. A four dog team takes turns running down a course with hurdles, hitting a box to get a ball and bringing the ball back to its owner. Belle loved it. But when she couldn’t see the ball anymore, her time was up. Jet’s a whippet. He can run like the wind. But he had one problem. He had absolutely no interest in a ball. Didn’t want to taste it, carry it or fetch it. No flyball for him, though he liked going to the tournements with Daddy.

John did discover Jet was crazy about lure coursing. That’s where dogs chase a fake bunny(it’s a plastic bag on a zip line) and are timed. Since it was a competition, they went to several tournaments and Jet did well. My husband was all about winning. But when John died a few years ago, that was it for Jet’s lure coursing career. Sorry, but I call that little league for dogs. I served my time in the stands raising my son.

So why am I such a dog nut? Well, I have to admit that it can get pretty lonely around here. It’s just me now–the kid is grown and on his own. So Jet is good company. He tells me when it’s time to get up(too early for a writer without a day job) and when it’s time for him to eat(about 3 in the afternoon). He makes sure I exercise by going to the back door several times a day wanting to go out. He snuggles up next to me in bed where someone else used to be. It’s a comfort.

He isn’t a barker unless a stranger comes to the door. I like that. I have my peace and quiet that I want for thinking abd writing, but I have a guard dog when I need it. He keeps the back yard free of stray cats and makes sure the squirrels know to stay in the trees. If I’m careless with tissue or food, he will take care of it for me. So I guess you could say he helps me avoid some of my clutter.

I like cats too, but Jet doesn’t seem to want the competition. A friend stayed with me for a while, but we didn’t give her kitty the run of the house. Too much stress for both of them.

One thing I can’t stand is to see helpless animals abused. I’m a sucker for an animal charity and have all the junk mail to prove it. Need a free calendar? I hate to go into Petsmart on adoption day. It breaks my heart to see animals who don’t have a loving home.

What about you? Do you have a fur baby? Is one ruling your roost? Do you have a story to share about your pet or one you used to have? I grew up with a dog and a cat. I’m glad I never had allergies but so many people do. I understand if that’s keeping you from enjoying the experience. Post here and one lucky commenter will win a grab bag of three autographed paranormal romances from bestselling authors Jeaniene Frost, Kerrelyn Sparks and Kim Harrison. Wow! Plus a gift card for the book retailer of your choice.

Excited? I am. Get busy and share your story here. Deadline for the contest is February 1, my brother’s birthday.

Why I Don’t Do Resolutions

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I haven’t made New Year’s Resolutions since the turn of this century. Why? Because they never did anything for me but make me feel like a failure. They were always the same. You know the ones: Lose weight, eat healthy, start exercising, get more work done, take my vitamins, manage my money better. I could go on. It’s like airing all my dirty laundry.

Did I ever keep any of those resolutions? Of course not. Oh, I’d start off January with a bang, full of fervor and resolve. I’d join Weight Watchers, maybe Curves too. I’d even buy new workout clothes. Hit the grocery store after cleaning out my pantry of all those bad foods. Of course that did a number on that resolve to manage my money better. The vitamins? Well, some of them gave me indigestion. I can’t tell you how many practically full bottles went out of date, another waste of money. The working thing was another matter. I’m a writer. And a procrastinator. As usual I’d wait till a deadline loomed before I kept my butt in the chair. Some habits never change.

You see? By February I was usually down a couple of pounds and inches, but my bank account was hurting. And I was getting bored with my routine. My friends were tired of my tales of dieting drama too. And I was sick of myself. By March you’d find chips back in the pantry and candy on the counter. The monthly fee kept coming out of my checking account but I wasn’t hitting the Curves circuit. It took until June for me to admit I wasn’t going back. So much money wasted.

So after years of this cycle, I finally called it quits. No more resolutions. I’m all about goals now. And they have to be goals I can actually meet. Forget goals like “Sell a book.” I know you can’t make a publisher buy your book. But I can finish a proposal and submit it. I might set a goal to aim for thirty minutes of exercise of some kind, three times a week. Doable? I hope so. Knowing me, it would be more realistic to make it ten minutes, twice a week. I still have the wrapper on the Jane Fonda workout DVD I special ordered for last year. Sigh.

Okay, you see the truth here. I’m a slug, disorganized, and lost in my creative world. Somehow I do finish writing books and turning them in. It’s a miracle. I have found a new goal this year. Organize at least one part of my house a month. My sister-in-law attacked my silverware drawer at Christmas. I loved the result. Maybe I’ll go for my underwear drawer next.

Do you have some goals for the new year? Share here. Remember, they have to be something you can control. Nothing pie in the sky like win the lottery. Not unless you’ve figured out a way to rig it. If so, I’m your new best friend. Post here and I’ll pick one lucky commenter to win a gift bag of books, some from me, some signed copies from writer pals of mine. It’ll be a surprise but I have at least five here I can toss in plus a gift card to your favorite retail outlet. And it’ll help clear my clutter, another goal I should write down. Are you in? Let me hear from you by January 15 which means procrastinators beware. 
Happy New Year!

The Blinking Cursor

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I’m starting a new Real Vampires book and it’s not easy. Did you think it would be? This is number ten in the series. With the same feisty vampire, Glory, in the starring role. I know her really well. I have her voice in my head. I should be able to jump right into the next story without a hitch. Right? Wrong.

You see the opening of a book has to be special. It has to hook readers. Make them want to buy the book, keep reading, become intrigued if they’ve never met these characters before. Hey, it’s a big deal. I angst over it endlessly. I like to start off with a bang. Something exciting happening. But I also have to keep in mind what the ending of the previous book was like. Did I leave the reader with a cliff hanger? That’s cruel but can lead to the kind of addiction to the series authors love. So I have to go back and reread. What did I do to Glory at the end of REAL VAMPIRES KNOW HIPS HAPPEN? My readers won’t get that book until next March yet I’m writing the sequel in October. The publishing world is crazy that way.

Going back over that completed manuscript yesterday was good for me. I relived some of the adventures I put Glory through. I saw how she fought to get her lover’s memory back. I won’t give you spoilers but she had some tough times and tender moments. I reminded myself that I did write that book and it wasn’t bad. It had a beginning, middle and end. Love scenes. Action scenes. And a few chuckles. Okay, so maybe I’ll be able to do it again.

Then I reread my first chapter for REAL VAMPIRES KNOW SIZE MATTERS. Too wordy. It didn’t pop. Just laid there. Sigh. I know I’m my own worst critic. But I have to get this done soon. The publisher likes to put the first chapter of the next book as a teaser in the back of the last one. And they’re working on that March book now. So even though SIZE MATTERS won’t come out until December of 2013 I’ve got to have my dynamic opening done in the next few weeks. No pressure. Hah. So I hit delete and stare at the blinking cursor.

Come on, Gerry, you can do it again. Be funny, be exciting, hook ‘em all over again.

A rose by any other name…

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I wrote three books under another name when I first got published. I started out writing romantic suspense. I’ve always loved to read mysteries so this seemed like the perfect genre for me. I was still teaching at the time and since my books had some steamy scenes, I thought I should use a pen name. I picked Lynn McKay. That’s my middle name and my maiden name. When I was a kid, I used to fantasize that I was a famous comedienne, like Lucille Ball. I would practice signing autographs and Lynn McKay was the name I used. I hated Gerry. Boy or girl? The confusion has followed me all my life.
Anyway, I sold those two books then decided to write a historical romance. I’d had this idea for years and won a contest with it. Originally called A Matter of Duty, it even finalled in the Golden Heart, a Romance Writers of America contest for unpublished authors. By the time I sold it, in 2000, I’d changed the name to Sweet Deceit. It didn’t get a very big print run but I loved the cover and was thrilled to see it in Barnes & Noble.
This week it’s a giveaway at my friend Vicky Dreiling’s website. She writes Regency historicals too. Sweet Deceit came out in 2002. If I rewrote it today, I’d make some changes, tighten up the story, make the pacing faster. But the basic story would stay the same. It’s a pretty dark plot: An aging duke needs a worthy heir and contrives to have his young bride sleep with his handsome nephew to get one. The two fall in love of course and it’s a difficult journey for their happily ever after. The villain in the piece is the nasty heir the duke is denying. I made him disgusting, over the top in a lot of ways. It was a fun book to write. I love the time period and have read probably hundreds of Regencies. I swear I may have lived then in a previous life.
Now I write under my real name. When new writers as me if they should use a pen name, I discourage it. I found it confusing back then. I’d go to a meeting or conference and have to answer to Lynn. I’m not used to that. I’m Gerry and, like it or not, that’s what I answer to. I’m a woman, it’s pronounced as if it starts with a “J” and that’s that. It’s nice to have a “B” last name. I’m shelved next to my buddy Nina Bangs. Michele Bardsley writes similar books and our books snuggle up to each other. I like that. If my career tanked and a publisher or my agent asked me to take a new name I’d balk. Maybe Gerry has written some stinkers, maybe Lynn did. But I own up to them. I’ll leave it up to my audience to decide whether to buy me or pass on the next book. Hiding behind a new name doesn’t seem fair. What do you think?

Oh, isn’t for Organization

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A friend asked me to go with her to pick out baskets so she could reorganize her office. This is like asking Atilla the Hun to start peace talks. I’m hopeless when it comes to organizing anything. I bought baskets once. I have three nice baskets, overflowing of course. No matter what I buy, nothing will magically get me organized.
I’ve bought books on getting myself squared away. Meditated on it. Purged extra papers. Hauled stuff to the garage. But more things keep adding to my piles. Where does it all come from? I have hundreds of books, of course. Then there’s the decorative items. I collect frog princes. You know. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. I also have a PG-13 sign that actually fell on top of my car one day while my son and I were driving out of a mall parking lot. It was meant to be mine. Don’t you think?
It’s crazy how all this paper grows. I have to keep receipts for tax purposes. So I have a plastic bin I toss them in. At tax time I sit on the floor and organize them into piles. It isn’t easy. Wait. It’s only July 31 and the bin is full. What now? I’ve started a bag next to it. You see how things get out of hand?
I guess I could straighten my piles of stuff but why bother? I’ll just print out another interesting article or sweet note from a fan and things will explode all over again. What’s your challenge or solution to getting organized? I’d love to know if there’s a secret nobody told me to getting this mess under control. Share your pain or triumph here.

Gerry at the Taj Majal

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Gerry at the Taj Majal

Agra, India