Hurricane Season and Me

The middle of September is prime time for a hurricane to hit the Texas Gulf coast. Yes, that’s where I live. My house has flooded four times because of various hurricanes. Fortunately, I’ve never lost a roof, though a neighbor’s tree did take out part of my fence and, horrors!, my Internet connection. I have come out better than most. At least at home.
Hurricane Ike was the worst as far as my antique business was concerned. Because I’d been doing so well, I had inventory in three shops in Galveston. The storm surge hit all three of them. Ten feet of water killed all of what I had there. What a mess! And, no, there was not insurance to cover my rented booths. So I had to toss it all out and take a loss on my income tax. After that I scaled down. Because of Hurricane Harvey flooding us again and other issues, last year I decided to get out of Galveston after seventeen years there. I’m now high and dry in Alvin. Not as much income, but I no longer have to work there. More time to write!
What I wanted to share here were the thoughts that go through my mind when I see those hurricanes churning in the Gulf of Mexico. If I have to evacuate, what will I take with me? My beloved dog passed away two years ago, so that is one worry I won’t have. Still miss that pup. I must take some form of computer and my work in progress of course. And maybe some pictures that aren’t in “the cloud.” Wedding album, son’s baby pictures, you know what I mean.
When you see the devastation in the Bahamas this year and Puerto Rico last, you realize that it’s all just stuff. If a Category 5 is headed here, I will get out and go where the wind and storm surge can’t get me. I have a brother in Austin. The highways out of Houston will be a nightmare, but I’ll be on them. I’ll make sure my son and his family are right there with me. Because I have figured out my priorities–they are the people I love. Not the things.
What do you think? Any idea what you would grab if you had to leave quickly? Share.

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