Slipping Into Summer

I recently spent a weekend on the Texas coast with a group of gal pals who are all writers. Everyone had “beach hair” and we shopped, ate and talked writing. Lots of fun. Did we actually put words on the page? Well, one of us did. Not me. I’d just finished a book and felt drained. Not that I don’t owe my readers another vampire book. I’m well into it. But sometimes you need a brain break.

There’s something about the coming summer season that cries out for time spent reading and wasting time. After decades as an elementary school teacher, my body is programmed to want to shut down from June to late August. Not that I ever took a full summer off. We had to go to classes or even work summer school. I did a few stints with summer jobs as well. You know teachers are notoriously underpaid, don’t you? I can’t recommend any young person with ambitions go into public education. Anyway, whatever I did in the summer was much lower stress than the school year. I still feel that relief when it gets close to June 1.

Down here in Southeast Texas the thermometer thinks it’s summer early. We’re flirting with ninety degrees already. If I would allow myself to be seen in a bathing suit, I’d be at the beach or in a friend’s pool already. I’ve been on a reading binge which you can see if you check out my reviews on Goodreads. I love hard core thrillers and fun Regency historicals. I have even dipped my toes into bestsellers recently. What I found is that they cling to the top of the New York Times list for a reason. Thought provocative books that are well written have surprised me. Who knew?

I hope you have some summer plans. I will be taking a short trip soon. But I hope to finish that vampire book first. My loyal readers have been very patient with me. So they’ll read a Christmas book in June. Why not? It may be hot outside, but the book will take them to snow in Scotland. I’m shivering just thinking about it.

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