Hooked by Suspense

lightning2My next book is available for preorder now. Texas Lightning is the first romantic suspense I’ve written in a long time. It’s funny because I sold my first book decades ago and it was a romantic suspense based in Houston, Texas. It was the story of an undercover cop and a banker. The cop was called Wild Man and ran with a motorcycle gang as he tried to bring down a drug dealer. My banker was an uptight woman who got caught up in his world and I had fun showing her that she enjoyed a wild side of her own.
I’ve always read and enjoyed suspense. Some of the books I read are really gritty. Mine can get edgy but they have to have romance and a happy ending. I’ve found over the years that books without a central romance just don’t do it for me.
When Kensington asked me if I wanted to ramp up the suspense for a new line they were starting, I was all over it. So Texas Lightning is the first in three books set in Austin. I went to college in the state capitol at the University of Texas and visit my brother there every year. I love the city and the rolling hills. I live in Houston which is completely flat except for freeway overpasses.
So Texas Lighting is the first in the trilogy for Lone Star Suspense. I brought in a character from my Texas Heat series. In Texas Fire, Megan dumped billionaire rancher King Sanders. I liked that guy and thought he needed his own happy ending. So here he is in Austin, working on an Agriculture bill when he meets a woman from Boston. She’s sightseeing at the capitol building but a January hot spell has her feeling faint. Yes, it can get ninety degrees in January in Austin. I’ve felt it myself. Then the next day you can have a blizzard. That’s Texas weather. Anyway, Anna Delaney is in Austin working for a tech company. She’s invented a very valuable computer program that can save lives. It’s so valuable there are bad guys who want it for themselves. King and Anna hook up just in time for him to help her dodge attempts to steal that program.
I hope you try my new series, starting with Texas Lighting. Texas Trouble is next, then Texas Tough. I don’t think I’ve ever written a book without some kind of suspense, but loyal readers will have to be the judge of that. Let me know what you think. Watch for Texas Lightning October 30 or go ahead and preorder now.

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