Writing the Prequel to the Real Vampires Series

I just finished writing REAL VAMPIRES: WHEN GLORY MET JERRY. I’ve had this story in my mind for a long time. I started the REAL VAMPIRES series in 2005. The first book, REAL VAMPIRES HAVE CURVES, came out in 2007. Since then I’ve written twelve full length novels, a novella and a spinoff about shape-shifter, Rafael Valdez. I’ve been lucky that I have loyal readers who encourage me to keep going.

As I did keep writing about my curvy vampire, I kept thinking about how she got that way–a vampire that is. It’s certainly easy to get curvy. i can attest to that. I knew Jeremiah Campbell was her sire. And I’d told readers early on that it was 1604 London where she met him. Why that time and place? I had in the back of my mind that she’d been married to an actor. She later tried her own hand at acting. Not back then, though. It was against the law for women to appear on stage. I also thought that Shakespeare’s Globe theater was where she was stuck when her “husband” died.
The actual situation where she met Jeremiah was going to have to be creative. After all, wouldn’t an ordinary woman be terrified if a vampire tried to take her home? And of course he’d want her for her blood and her body. Glory didn’t start out brave and independent. Readers of the series know she took a while to learn to use her powers.
Oh, yes, readers of the series. The entire time I was writing this prequel, I was aware of all the hints I’d let drop about Glory and her background. I had to be careful. My faithful fans read and reread the books. They will probably catch mistakes. If so, I’m sorry. I tried. I have a notebooks with little things I need to remember, but most of it is in my head. Hopefully, I stayed true to Gloriana and her eventual discoveries.
I’m sure my long-time readers will let me know if I didn’t. I hope so anyway. One thing every reader needs to remember though. This is fantasy. My fantasy. I love Glory as much as you do. She’s hot for Jerry. So am I. It’s a love story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

There will be at least one more prequel. I must write about her trip to the Highlands to meet Jeremiah’s parents. They hated her on sight. At least Jerry’s mother did. So stay tuned. REAL VAMPIRES: A HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS will be out next fall. I can’t resist.

2 Responses to “Writing the Prequel to the Real Vampires Series”

  1. Julie Woodruff Says:

    Will you continue the series after Glory and Jeremy were married? Glory has always commented about kids. Could this possible be her future with Jeremy with help from her grandfather Zeus!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next for them!
    Julie Woodruff


    • Thanks, Julie, for following the series. I’ve thought about kids for the two. It’s complicated with their nocturnal lifestyle. I really wanted her to get pregnant while she was in Olympus but chickened out. I still might do it. They’d make beautiful babies and the Christmas prequel I’m writing now shows how it hits her that she gave up the possibility of having children without thinking it through. Oh, what we do for love and lust!!


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