Gerry Faces Some Hard Truths

I don’t believe in resolutions, they just set me up for failure, usually by January 20th, so I decided to face some hard truths this year. Will they help me handle 2014 any better than I have any other year? Probably not. But you never know.

1)      Hard truth number one: Some things are inevitable. Like death, taxes and the fact that as soon as I put on mascara, I’m going to sneeze. Yep, raccoon eyes. A few other inevitabilities? I’ve found my perfect lipstick color, so it’s been discontinued. Ditto on the blush. And I’ll run out of my Estee Lauder foundation when they’re not having a free gift. Happens every time.

2)      Hard truth number two: I weigh naked every morning in front of my full length mirror. It’s something my mother did and she stayed a size twelve petite until she died at age 89. What I discovered? Gravity and glass cleaner are not my friends. Yep, those are hard truths.

3)      Hard truth number three: Lipitor may not be the wonder drug it’s cracked up to be. Okay, so I test it with a steady diet of steak and baked potato with butter and sour cream. Because I have faith in that drug. And my supplements. Anything in the health aisle for the heart is in my pill container: magnesium, CoQ10, fish oil, I could go on. And still my cholesterol hovers over 200. I’m blaming it on heredity, Dad.

4)      Hard truth number four: the route from my computer to the refrigerator does not add up to ten thousand steps a day. You know you’re supposed to walk that much daily, right? Hmm. So I also do a lot of browsing the bookstores and trodding the aisles at Macy’s. My new Fitbit puts it all at about 2000 steps, maybe less. So here’s that hard truth: I’m a slug.

5)      Hard truth number five: Those books in my head will never magically travel to my computer. I don’t get writer’s block. I have dozens of story ideas in my mind all the time. I can tell you all about them. Where are they? Buzzing around in my brain. How many hours do I spend putting them on the page? Not very many. So this hard truth is the hardest. If I want my writing career to go higher, be more than it is, I’ve got to put more energy into it. Starting here. With these hard truths.

How about you? Any hard truths staring at you, daring you to face them? I’ve started an exercise program and am doing pretty well with it this year. Not for weight loss, I gave up on that long ago. I’m into it for my health. I’m writing more now and getting ready to self-publish my first novella. Yay! So just writing down these hard truths has pushed me to make some changes. Still going to eat steak, but saving it for once a week or less. The sneezes? I already take an over-the-counter medication daily, so not sure what else there is to do besides allergy shots or getting rid of the dog and you know I’m not doing that.

Share here what you consider a hard truth in your life. And good luck in the New Year. I say every year is a chance for a fresh start and attitude.Image

6 Responses to “Gerry Faces Some Hard Truths”

  1. Catherine Crook Says:

    Hard Truth #1: My dreams wont come to me without me doing something about them. I have this crazy idea, that since I am capable and deserving, why hasn’t it happen?
    Hard Truth #2: Patience is not a strong suit of mine. I am working on it daily.
    Hard Truth #3: I’m an adult. Lol, silly, but it is so much more fun to remind myself that turning 30 is still so young, and I am a Daddy’s girl for sure.

    Rock on Gerry! I am excited to watch your writing career skyrocket!


  2. I remember your comment on my resolutions last year and have resolved to just four hard truths for every quarter of the year… nothing too intense. Just vague little notions I’ll try to carry out or take notice of. It’s a step in the right direction.

    I love your hard truths, and look forward to hearing about them more. Have you tried eating lamb or kangaroo as a red meat alternative to steak? It’s a much leaner meat and tasty. Says the Australian.


  3. I had a summer in India as a teenager. That cured me of lamb and other exotic meats. Not sure of the availability of kangaroo here but love the suggestion of substitutions. Started getting into grilled fish and of course chicken. Lean pork isn’t bad either. Good for you on the quarterly thing. A year is a long time to hold onto any promise.


  4. #1 I need to move more if I want to accomplish anything.
    #2 Lifestyle changes a flipping hard
    #3 If I do not keep up with #1 & #2 I will end up dying like my dad did from being over weight.


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