The Blinking Cursor

I’m starting a new Real Vampires book and it’s not easy. Did you think it would be? This is number ten in the series. With the same feisty vampire, Glory, in the starring role. I know her really well. I have her voice in my head. I should be able to jump right into the next story without a hitch. Right? Wrong.

You see the opening of a book has to be special. It has to hook readers. Make them want to buy the book, keep reading, become intrigued if they’ve never met these characters before. Hey, it’s a big deal. I angst over it endlessly. I like to start off with a bang. Something exciting happening. But I also have to keep in mind what the ending of the previous book was like. Did I leave the reader with a cliff hanger? That’s cruel but can lead to the kind of addiction to the series authors love. So I have to go back and reread. What did I do to Glory at the end of REAL VAMPIRES KNOW HIPS HAPPEN? My readers won’t get that book until next March yet I’m writing the sequel in October. The publishing world is crazy that way.

Going back over that completed manuscript yesterday was good for me. I relived some of the adventures I put Glory through. I saw how she fought to get her lover’s memory back. I won’t give you spoilers but she had some tough times and tender moments. I reminded myself that I did write that book and it wasn’t bad. It had a beginning, middle and end. Love scenes. Action scenes. And a few chuckles. Okay, so maybe I’ll be able to do it again.

Then I reread my first chapter for REAL VAMPIRES KNOW SIZE MATTERS. Too wordy. It didn’t pop. Just laid there. Sigh. I know I’m my own worst critic. But I have to get this done soon. The publisher likes to put the first chapter of the next book as a teaser in the back of the last one. And they’re working on that March book now. So even though SIZE MATTERS won’t come out until December of 2013 I’ve got to have my dynamic opening done in the next few weeks. No pressure. Hah. So I hit delete and stare at the blinking cursor.

Come on, Gerry, you can do it again. Be funny, be exciting, hook ‘em all over again.

6 Responses to “The Blinking Cursor”

  1. I faithfully buy every Glory book as soon as it comes out and have never once disappointed. I have faith that you’ll write another fantastic chapter in Glory’s life. Can’t wait!!!


  2. Gina Growe Says:

    Hi Gerry, just finished “Skinny Jeans” and I gotta tell ya, this has been my favorite and I love them all! Something about Sirens though have always fascinated me and you throwing the Gods and Goddesses in this book has me like Pavlov’s dog and slobbering all myself waiting for more…cruel, cruel, author!! Now Jerry has amnesia!! Can’t wait to read this cause now Glory has so many “enemies and frenemies” it’s anyone’s guess.

    Love your books and I totally understand the angst at writing the hook for the end…I pre-order your books for that very reason – can’t wait to hear your next story. Rock on with your bad self – Gina…(which would be a great name for a character in your next book, make her, chesty, blue eyed and black hair with fair skin…cause that’s me…just sayin’


    • Thanks, Gina! I do like your name and description for a character. Am taking note. Be careful though, you might end up a bad girl. Are you okay with that? I appreciate your support!


      • Gina Growe Says:

        My Illinois car plates use to be “I B Bad 2” – I switched them to
        “Sea Hag 2” … Gerry, I thought Alesa was just misunderstood : )
        I really like Laurie’s character and hope you plan on her having more adventures with Glory … acutally, I thought Aggie was also misunderstood – she just wants to be loved (LOL!) OH! Maybe you’ll get some fairies in the mix of characters!

        Heck, I’m just thrilled you wrote back. I really hope you maintain your cover art also – I picked up your book just because of the art work…looked hysterical and upbeat. Saw your pixy with Nina Bangs – love her characters Ganymede and Sparkle Stardust…they crack me up! It would be cool for them to meet – esp. now that we know Glory is “older”…I do love her and I’m glad that Penny is 100% in her corner. Geez, it’s like they’re real…between you, Niina, Kresley Cole, Shelly/G.A. Laurenston/Aiken, Gail Carringer, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Donna Andrews – I can’t help but wish for ya’ll to get together and write in each other’s series … well not Donna, her stuff reminds me of my family.

        Merry Christmas to you and yours – it’s 24 degrees here and expecting snow tonight! Awesome!! Gina in Springfield, IL


  3. I’m glad you like Aggie because she’ll be back in a big way in the book coming out next December, Real Vampires Know Size Matters. As for Laurie, I can’t remember her at the moment, too many books in my head. Ack! I can’t imagine Sparkle and Glory together but she and Flo would get along. The battle of the self-absorbed. Ganymede? He scares me a little. LOL. Anyway, it’s a fun idea. It’s hot enough here in Texas that I have the air conditioner running. Strange weather. Have a great holiday season. And thanks for reading! If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, be sure to do it. I give the readers sneak peeks at the coming books there.


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