A rose by any other name…

I wrote three books under another name when I first got published. I started out writing romantic suspense. I’ve always loved to read mysteries so this seemed like the perfect genre for me. I was still teaching at the time and since my books had some steamy scenes, I thought I should use a pen name. I picked Lynn McKay. That’s my middle name and my maiden name. When I was a kid, I used to fantasize that I was a famous comedienne, like Lucille Ball. I would practice signing autographs and Lynn McKay was the name I used. I hated Gerry. Boy or girl? The confusion has followed me all my life.
Anyway, I sold those two books then decided to write a historical romance. I’d had this idea for years and won a contest with it. Originally called A Matter of Duty, it even finalled in the Golden Heart, a Romance Writers of America contest for unpublished authors. By the time I sold it, in 2000, I’d changed the name to Sweet Deceit. It didn’t get a very big print run but I loved the cover and was thrilled to see it in Barnes & Noble.
This week it’s a giveaway at my friend Vicky Dreiling’s website. She writes Regency historicals too. Sweet Deceit came out in 2002. If I rewrote it today, I’d make some changes, tighten up the story, make the pacing faster. But the basic story would stay the same. It’s a pretty dark plot: An aging duke needs a worthy heir and contrives to have his young bride sleep with his handsome nephew to get one. The two fall in love of course and it’s a difficult journey for their happily ever after. The villain in the piece is the nasty heir the duke is denying. I made him disgusting, over the top in a lot of ways. It was a fun book to write. I love the time period and have read probably hundreds of Regencies. I swear I may have lived then in a previous life.
Now I write under my real name. When new writers as me if they should use a pen name, I discourage it. I found it confusing back then. I’d go to a meeting or conference and have to answer to Lynn. I’m not used to that. I’m Gerry and, like it or not, that’s what I answer to. I’m a woman, it’s pronounced as if it starts with a “J” and that’s that. It’s nice to have a “B” last name. I’m shelved next to my buddy Nina Bangs. Michele Bardsley writes similar books and our books snuggle up to each other. I like that. If my career tanked and a publisher or my agent asked me to take a new name I’d balk. Maybe Gerry has written some stinkers, maybe Lynn did. But I own up to them. I’ll leave it up to my audience to decide whether to buy me or pass on the next book. Hiding behind a new name doesn’t seem fair. What do you think?

5 Responses to “A rose by any other name…”

  1. Sound advice on a topic that was recently discussed in one of my writing groups. With your brilliant body of work, who wouldn’t want to use their own name? Keep up the great writing. I’ll keep reading.
    –Denise Mai


    • Thanks, Denise, but I can’t tell you how many writers I know, good ones, who have two or three names they publish under. I hope I never have to make that choice. I want my loyal readers to be able to find me without confusion. And if you don’t like my stuff, you can easily avoid it. No tricks!


  2. And I still your Lynn McKay books. Being a Golden Heart finalist is and always has been a really big thing.


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