Oh, isn’t for Organization

A friend asked me to go with her to pick out baskets so she could reorganize her office. This is like asking Atilla the Hun to start peace talks. I’m hopeless when it comes to organizing anything. I bought baskets once. I have three nice baskets, overflowing of course. No matter what I buy, nothing will magically get me organized.
I’ve bought books on getting myself squared away. Meditated on it. Purged extra papers. Hauled stuff to the garage. But more things keep adding to my piles. Where does it all come from? I have hundreds of books, of course. Then there’s the decorative items. I collect frog princes. You know. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. I also have a PG-13 sign that actually fell on top of my car one day while my son and I were driving out of a mall parking lot. It was meant to be mine. Don’t you think?
It’s crazy how all this paper grows. I have to keep receipts for tax purposes. So I have a plastic bin I toss them in. At tax time I sit on the floor and organize them into piles. It isn’t easy. Wait. It’s only July 31 and the bin is full. What now? I’ve started a bag next to it. You see how things get out of hand?
I guess I could straighten my piles of stuff but why bother? I’ll just print out another interesting article or sweet note from a fan and things will explode all over again. What’s your challenge or solution to getting organized? I’d love to know if there’s a secret nobody told me to getting this mess under control. Share your pain or triumph here.


4 Responses to “Oh, isn’t for Organization”

  1. Sucker For Vampires Says:

    You could always stop printing stuff on paper and save it all as PDF. I use a printer called cute pdf to print from bills to articles I like. That way I don´t have millions of papers and can use the space for books! 🙂


    • I don’t print as much as I used to. But when I’m working on a book, I just have to see it on paper to edit. Then I put changes into the computer, throw away the old version and print again. Bad habit, but it works for me. Sorry, trees.


  2. One thing I did was have my brother build me built in book cases. He made them so deep I can fit three rows of books on each shelf. I put all of the books that i have read on the shelves. They are my favorite thing in my house. Now I don’t have books all over the place, but I still keep a couple of shelf units in my room that just contain my TBR books.


    • What a good idea! I have some special bookcases I bought years ago especially for paperbacks that are really shallow. Which I now realize is a problem since there is no extra room like you have. Brilliant!


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