Killing Again

No, I’m not into a freaky mood, ready to take out a real person instead of a bad guy in my latest book. It’s just my annual ritual of heading to Home Depot and picking out sacrificial plants. You see, I love the look of a flowering garden. I have a small pond in my back yard with a flower bed around it. I can look out my back window or sit on the deck in the evening and enjoy my own little patch of paradise. Well, it would be paradise if I had any luck with plants. As it is, they are beautiful at first. I even get excited and water them on schedule for the first few weeks. But I’m an indoor person. I thrive sitting on my couch with a remote control in my hand. Or at the computer writing a story or trolling the ‘Net. Outside there are mosquitos and unregulated temperatures. Humidity does bad things to my hair. It’s not paradise.

It’s sad that I’m this way. The plants want to be loved. They practically beg to be taken care of. If they’re lucky, we get rain often enough to extend their lives for a decent period of time. But last summer we had a drought in Texas. And months of days with over a hundred degree temperatures. What plant can survive that? Only the hardiest. Luckily my giant oak trees are ancient and carried on. My knock-out roses refused to be knocked out. But the bedding plants went lights out. Even the ground cover that had thrived for over twenty years turned brown and bit the dust. Pitiful. I can’t let this stand.

So I called my handy man who is the one who lugs in the mulch and the plants and digs the holes. He gave me his usual pep talk about when to water and set about sticking things into the ground. Such pretty colors. I like pink and orange, a blue hydrangea like my grandmother had in her garden. There are periwinkles too because I’m assured they are practically indestructible. The picture here shows things before he got them into the ground. At least you can see it before things start to go downhill. Because they will. I know myself. Even with resolutions to change, I will probably fail these poor specimens. It’s inevitable. But tonight I’ll pour a glass of wine and sit in a lawn chair with my dog Jet nearby. We’ll enjoy the pond and the flowers, swat at mosquitos and toast to a new sacrifice to Mother Nature. Maybe it will rain.Image

How about you? Indoor or outdoor? Garden? Or not? Share.  I love to hear what you are doing.


6 Responses to “Killing Again”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I love the outdoors…just not anything to do with plants,flowers ect. I do love them don’t get me wrong,I just don’t have the energy. I don’t like skeeters and in a lot of Wisconsin their are ton’s, I’m talking cut with a knife thick and eeww. At the house I’m at now their is these pretty leaf thing’s on each side of the porch, one look’s like a flat round arrangement the other is like a pointy bush with tall yellow stemed flowers..and some I don’t know what that pop up around the tree lol and the best part is I don’t have to do a thing. They die when winter comes and come back in the summer all on there own. It’s awesome. Plus my thumb is blue not green like alot of the peep’s around here. Flowers and plants are super big here but, I’m a watcher not a planter..(shrug) my 3 year old keep’s me busy. He’s the last so I’m gonna enjoy the time I have with him. You have a lovely garden Gerry… (smiles)


    • Nothing better than those do it yourself plants that come up on their own. Sounds like you and I are a lot alike. A 3 year old? Great age to keep you running. Enjoy!


  2. I live in the BRONX so no flowering plants for us… however my sister in a fit of lets grow something put a planter box on the window sill with this stuff she ordered online you cut it in the shape of the box and water (supposed to grow a colorful garden)… its been 5 years its got dirt in the box and every year two weeds grow about 12 inches… the people upstairs flick their cigarette butts into it… but the weeds are green so I’m counting it as a city garden.


  3. I LOVE flowers! (my favorite are Gerbera Daisies – which I recently learned can thrive in the oppressive central Texas heat but they do need shade – or so I’m told). We are apartment dwellers which presents a bit of a challenge. Although 2 years ago my husband and I ATTEMPTED a container garden on our balcony. We were so very excited with the prospect of having not only beautiful flowers to look at but some veggies as well. Unfortunately, good intentions, wishful thinking, prayer and sometimes tears aren’t enough to make plants grow. (I know they need sun, water and plant feed and we did provide all those things but Mother Nature had other plans for us). We easily spent over $150 on supplies & plants (we had nothing so had to start from scratch). End the end, I think we were blessed with 1 tiny bell pepper and a few tiny strawberries (this was our bounty from a laundry list of veggies, herbs and flowers). It was a lesson learned; well we learned several things: (1) Liking plants doesn’t mean one can grow them (2) start small and (3) when all else fails, there’s always a farmers market somewhere! Kudos to all those who have beautiful lush gardens; yes, I envy you. I still hope to some day have a cutting garden (flowers) and veggie patch… one can dream!


    • I just had to rush out and water one of my plants that had suddenly keeled over. It was so pretty at first but it’s already hot here and no rain lately. I’m afraid I forgot to notice. I may have already started my killing spree. Maybe I’d be better in a condo but my dog wouldn’t so I resolve to do better. The mosquitos took me down a quart while I was out there. They are the REAL vampires!


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