I’m Here. What’s Up?

Hey, guess who’s here and trying to think of something to say? Yes, that’s me, Gerry, and I”m blogging on my own site now. I used to do this on Myspace but decided to move over to my home. That’s here, surrounded by the lights of Austin and the many great covers that tell me Glory lives here too. That’s Glory St. Clair, my curvy vampire, in case you’re a first time visitor. She’s had lots of adventures through five books, with number six coming in December. That’s Real Vampires Have More to Love. But I’m not here to promote my books. No, seriously. I’m here to unload.

Gee, that didn’t sound too good. What I mean is that I’ll get things that are on my mind out there and we can chat. I really want your comments. I will try to answer you. So keep them coming. I’m going to repost my latest blog from Myspace on whether size matters. That’s an issue for my character Glory and for me. I think for any woman. Am I right? Read on. Join me here and we’ll decide what’s sense and what’s nonsense.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ll become a regular visitor.

Gerry Bartlett


7 Responses to “I’m Here. What’s Up?”

  1. brittany thompson Says:

    Well I think its a great idea that you moved here gerry, I’ve been trying to blog myself but sometimes its hard knowing what to write that doesn’t sound stupid or like I’m yammering on, but oh well haha, I wish you luck and I’m very excited for your next book.


  2. Kat Jameson Says:

    Yay, you’re blogging again. It is a good way to vent (free therapy I call it). You can lure us all in with tidbits of next fall’s book. Great cover btw…


  3. Yeah! I never go to myspace, so i am so glad you are here! I hope to hear from you as often as you can get away from our lovely Glory! I am so excited for december to come. I just read Real Vampires Don’t Wear a Size Six! What is the release date!!


  4. Just finished reading book 6. LOVED IT! totally ready for #7. Wish so much that it was glory who had her own movies & not those awful twilight characters!


    • I’d love all those Twilight perks. You know there’s a petition going on my fan site to get Glory her own tv or movie deal. If you haven’t signed it, hit the link. Thanks for being a Glory-ous reader!


  5. Cathy Sullins Says:

    I was very pleasantly surprised to get a quicky response to fan email letter I wrote! I’m a new Glory/Gerry Bartlett fan; (I read one of my local library copies, & bought them from Borders when my brother sent me a egift card for my birthday. I didn’t expect a reply, much less such a quick one. Yes, I’m for Glory & friends & enemies getting a tv or movie deal! 🙂


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